Whacky Races

Wacky Races Team Building Activity


This really is a great activity. It can be done indoors or outdoors and is a team challenge with a competitive element. The emphasis is on working together towards a common goal and requires communication, leadership, creativity, design, cooperation and a sense of humour.

Teams are set up with a mass of materials and are given a time limit to kit out a pedal go-cart, creating a stunning design of thier choice. We have had Formula one cars, telephone boxes, London buses, rockets and even a toilet complete with flush and loo roll holder!

The activity lasts between 2 and 4 hours and ends with a push cart race around a pre-determined track. It’s at this stage that we test the construction and design!!

All we need is a venue and we’ll supply the rest. Each team has the same amount of materials. Carts should be fully branded with company logos and need to be accessible for a driver.



Team Building Devon

Whacky Races team building activity is fun and frantic. Really bond your team!

Team building Devon

Design a peddle go cart using masses of art equipment. Replicate your company logo.

Team Building Devon

Design and build a peddle go kart and brand with your company logo.

Team Building Devon

Build a Go Kart with materials provided. Brand with a company Logo.











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