Treasure Hunts

Team Treasure Hunts really are an excellent activity. Can be used for Team Building Events or for private parties. We can set up a treasure hunt in almost any town or city in the UK, specialising in the South West.

We make our Treasure Hunts fun and active, with many challenges along the way. Everyone gets a chance, regardless of whether you prefer to concentrate on the more cerebral questions or you enjoy taking part in some of the sillier tasks.  We can theme the treasure hunts if you give us enough notice.

Treasure Hunts Devon

Team Treasure Hunts are great fun. Will you accept the challenge?

Treasure Hunt Devon

Team Treasure hunt in Bristol with BT.

Team Treasure Hunts Devon

The winning team! Team Treasure Hunts get your workers to bond.

Team Treasure Hunts Devon

A selection of tasks and questions for all.