All the fun of a traditional fair!

Traditional Fair Event Activities

Chris Farris Events can transform your garden, hotel lawn or sports field into a traditional country fair. With a large selection of old style fair activities, we can really bring your event to life. From coconut shys to welly wanging and croquet, we aim to bring a little nostalgia. We finish off with lovely detail using traditional bunting, gazebos and decoration.

These photos were taken from a family fun day while they were on holiday. Over 15 activities kept them entertained all afternoon.


Chris Farris Events coconut shy

Traditional Coconut Shy set up on your lawn.


With gazebos and bunting, we will transform your lawn into a village fete.

Welly Wanging activity

When did you last ‘Wang a Wellie’?


Coconut Shy. Just one of the games at your own fair.












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