Team Building and Corporate

Corporate and Team Building Activities in Devon and South West

Whacky Races
Old Masters
Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting
Human Table Football
Duck Herding
Treasure Hunts
Office Olympics


The benefits of team building and corporate events are well documented. They can result in considerably improved relations within an organisation, an increase in productivity, and understanding of core company values and singing from the same hymn sheet as well as some light relief from often serious tasks.

Due to the time and financial commitment of hosting an event of this type, it is essential that the people you use to deliver are up to the job. Here at Chris Farris Events we pride ourselves on using the best staff, equipment and techniques to meet your aspirations. From a small family fun day to a large corporate event with many hundreds of people, we can make sure that your event will be one to remember.

By keeping our event business local and by using top activity providers, we believe that we are one of the best corporate events and team building companies in the South West.