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Our Team Building Activity ‘The Lost Inca Trail’ is a timeless classic. We have been running it for many years and clients are consistently very pleased with the results. It is a traditional team building activity which works towards a final outcome. It can be run for up to 60 people, but between 20-40 is ideal.

We recently ran this event for HSBC staff, and as well as having some fun, teams members were able to bond and work out strengths and weaknesses among their colleagues. Managers can identify person traits and characteristics which require nurturing or guiding.

The event is split into several parts, with teams having to complete challenges to be able to unlock a safe box. The three main challenges were Artesian Well, Spiders Web/Virus and Invisible Maze/Druids Maze. Successful completion of these challenges resulted in each team being given tools which would be essential in completing the final task. The teams could earn part of a code which opened a secure box which had some map coordinates in. It took all teams to work together to add their own section of the code to open the box.

Once the box has been opened, maps were given out with clues and a grid reference to find the buried treasure. The buried treasure was a key to open the final safe box to win the prize of a box of chocolates. Whoever found the key first got the choccies.

The whole event was Inca themed, and a story woven throughout to link everything together and give it context. It lasted around 2 hours.

Team Building Activity

An excellent, tried and tested team building activity.

Team working together to plan tasks on their first challenge 'Artesian Well'

Team working together to plan tasks on their first challenge ‘Artesian Well’

Team Building Activity

Trying to collect the watering cans is the first step to solving the puzzle.

Team Building Activity

OK, some good thinking here. Real teamwork.

Team Building

This team got it right quite quickly and managed to float the treasure.










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