Office Olympics

A collection of fun activities with a competitive edge. We use ‘funny money’ as an incentive to win. Activities include: blindfold tent, obstacle skis, spaghetti bridge, build a crane, egg tower, catch phrase and giant games to name but a few.

Office Olympics can be done inside or out depending on space or weather. Activities can be tailored to your requirements and can last as short or as long as you want. Beware however! Teams get very competitive indeed when the funny money is introduced. Instructors are on hand to make the event run smoothly and dish out funny money as and when they see fit. It can be earnt by foul means or fair!


Devon Team Building

Office Olympics team building. The Catapillar!

Devon Team Building

Board Meeting Team Building Activity

Giant Games Devon

Jenga this big gets very exciting.

Devon Team Building

Games up the competition.








skis4 Tent BlindTent Acropoli & Berlingo 206 skis3