Archery for Corporate days, Fun Days, Private Parties, Sports days and Weddings


Archery really is a top activity for any event. All our archery sessions come with tuition and safety guidelines. The bows are high quality and the targets can be added to with balloons, pictures and other items to make it even more fun. All that’s needed is a flat, open space away from public footpaths or other public areas. We can make it safe and will carry out a full risk assessment.

Once you have a go at archery, you won’t want to stop. Highly competitive and fun for any age with our junior kits. Why not fill up that downtime at a Wedding by offering fun activities that everyone will remember!


Archery with Instructors

We can bring archery to your event and train you up to hit the bulls eye.

Archery Devon

Easy to learn archery skills with an instructor.

Archery in Devon

Archery with an instructor is popular with all ages.

Devon Archery

Archery is a great skill event to really focus your competitive side.










Basic Archery Instruction with Chris Farris Events